Tuesday, 4 October 2016

GST in India

As the central government has passed the GST bill  (goods and services tax) in both rajyasabha and loksabha ; India is to be in a part of greater change , i.e. GST India.GST is an evolution that comes at exact time in the peripheral domain for India. It is a tax that is to be paid on supply of goods and services.

How will GST aid ? 

Goods and services tax (GST), is an tax reform which focuses to seperate tax hurdles between states and creates a solo market. To make GST India happen the constituition first needs to modify different layers of government's entire powers to levy taxes. The GST will be divided in to two;

  • central goods and services tax (CGST)
  • state goods and services tax(sgst)

 GST Centre

Benefits of GST :

  1. It makes the tax formation more simple and incline.
  2. As it is not applicable for goods and services which is exporting outside countryit is good for export oriented businesses.
  3. It can make more clarified and much better agreement.
  4. The whole market will be consolidated which may convert in to low business cost.
  5. It can ease moving of goods across states and can lower the settlement cost of business.
  6. In the prolonged rush, the lower tax obligation could render in to lower prices on goods for customers.
  7. Number of tax department will diminish which in turn may guide in to low deception.
  8. Business corporation which is  under disorganized sector will comes under tax reign.

GST Franchisee:

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Why Franchisee: 

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