Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Valuation in GST

Goods and Services tax or GST is one tax to include all taxes. It will bring in "One Nation One Tax" rule.Being a completely new form of indirect taxation there are many questions in the minds of the organizations. One of the important question is what is the value of supply under GST?
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The valuation in GST is mainly indicate that the value of supply of goods and/or services shall be the transaction value. It is the price actually paid( or payable) for the supply of goods / Services between unrelated parties i.e, the supplier and the recipient of the supply are not related with each other and the price will be the sole consideration for the supply.

The value of supply under GST shall include:

  • Any amount that the supplier is responsible to pay which has been incurred by the recipient and is not included in the price.  
  • The value will include all incidental prices in relation to sale such as packing, commission etc.  
  •  Interest/ late fee / penalty for late payment of consideration will be included.    

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