Tuesday, 22 November 2016

GST Franchisee

GST Centre provide a very simple, flexible and affordable Franchisee System. According to the normal Franchisee System in India, the Deposits paid at the time of joining as Franchisee is not refundable and even cost is incurred by Franchisee for Site Audit, Inspection, Renovation Expenses, Compulsory Marketing / Promotion Expenses, Training etc. But with GST Centre you can start the Franchisee at low costs. New or Existing Training Centre's can become the Franchisee.

Refundable Deposit

  • Deposit Amount to Five Star Franchisee is refunded after deducting the Share of Deposits paid to the Master Franchisee. It will be refunded after the Agreement Period of two years or termination whichever is later.
  • Deposit Amount to Master Franchisee is refunded after the Agreement Period of two years or termination whichever is later. Share of Deposits received from the Five Star Franchisee and paid by the company to the Master Franchisee will be deducted.

Other Advantage

  • No expenses for Site Audit, Inspection etc. and start with Self Declaration.
  • First Two Staff at the Franchisee will be trained at no additional cost except travelling / lodging expenses incurred for direct training.
  • We insist NO compulsory interior or renovation of the existing Training Centre's except the Posters / Other Promotional Materials required in the Franchisee Centre.
  • Does not affect the existing training business as there is no barrier on continuing existing courses along with GST Centre courses.
  • Direct Training is conducted along with Faculty Development Training Program through LMS, Webinars and Forum.

Levels of Franchisee System

GST Centre Franchisee System works in Three levels i.e.
a. Master Franchisee
b. Franchisee
  1.  Five Star
  2.  Two Star

GST Franchisee

Franchisee Agreement Period

The Agreement Period is 2 Years from the date of payment of Deposit.

For more details you can visit our website:  www.gstcentre.in

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