Wednesday, 7 December 2016

GST Course in India

GST is going to be the most regime taxation system implemented in India. GST brings all taxes under a single roof. As of now GST has been divided into 4 slabs - 5%, 12%, 18%, 28%.
 Every Indian will have to learn GST, from individuals to businessmen. earning GST is a big deal in the present scenario, as there is only model GST law.

GST Centre aims to provide a comprehensive training provider for individuals who have to enhance their accounting skills. GST Centre strive hard to provide Quality & Authoritative Training all over India. With it's branches all over India, students can learn from their desired location.

GST Centre introduces 12 courses this year and planning to launch another set of courses by next year. Being a training institution(online & direct training), our mission is to fill the gap by creating more trained and skilled people.

GST Centre's exclusive GST Course in India - Diploma in Goods and Services Tax will help you to get a career you dreamed. For Diploma in Goods and Services Tax, GST Centre provide Certificate from The Association of GST Professionals.

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