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GST Centre Franchisee

GST Centre is the best place where you can learn Goods and Services Tax. It is promoted by CAS. GST Centre invites Franchisees all over India at low deposit and low cost. We provide a simple, flexible and affordable Franchisee system. 

GST Centre Franchisee

  • We collect no deposit from our Franchisee
  • They will have to give 15% of the course fees as the royalty to the company.
  • Franchisee have to pay Rs 10,000/- for account opening which will be used by the company towards Royalty, Books and Certificate.
  • No expenses for site audit, inspection etc. and start with Self Declaration. 
  • First two staff at the Franchisee will be trained at no additional cost except travelling / lodging expenses incurred for direct training. 
  • We insist no compulsory interior or renovation of the existing Training Centres except the posters / other promotional materials required in the Franchisee Centre. 
  • Direct Training and Online Training is provided for developing the faculties. 

Reliable and Trustful Partnership 

  • Strong will and determination to help shape the future of many young and aspiring individuals. 
  • Passion to educate, motivate and guide students.
  • Commitment to quality education and quality services.
  • Ambition to build a large profitable business.
  • Fair, ethical with business acumen and Secrecy of operations.
  • Integrity and loyalty with inculcated business ethics and discipline. 
  • Financial ability to invest in infrastructure, people and marketing.
  • Good managerial and administrative skills; preferably 2-3 years in service sector. 
  • Willing to keep moving in the assigned areas.
  • Must be willing to provide Training in his Centre as per policies and instructions of GST Centre.
  • Adequate knowledge of computers with understanding of education business. 
GST Centre

Franchisee Advantage

  • You can use GST Centre brand name for your Training Centre.
  • You can conduct courses named 'Diploma in Goods and Services Tax'.
  • Conduct Hybrid / Blended Learning System for Students.
  • Faculty Support with high-class support provided to Franchisee including Trainers and Student Manual, Forum, Webinar, E-Learning etc.
  • Training of the faculty by Chartered Accountants and Experts.
  • Providing opportunities for Corporate / On-Campus programmes.
  • Latest Courses in Accounting, Tax, Finance, Accounting software / ERP & Management can be brought into your Training Centre.
  • Various Certification Exams of National & International Bodies.
  • Marketing Support from Company with Lead generation. 
  • Additional Monetary / Non-monetary Awards.

Eligibility for Franchisee 

The GST Centre Franchisee is applicable for any Educational Entrepreneur preferably with at least two years' experience in the education industry. They should forward an expression of interest through Enquiry Form in the website or directly submitting the details through E-mail


1. The area of operation is a particular Indian City / Town / Village.
2. He should be the resident of the assigned district / territory or should have a business place in the specified area.
3. He should have a Training Centre in the allotted district / territory. The Training Centre should have Infrastructure required for the Franchisee.

The following Infrastructure Facilities are required:-

  • The Centre should be at good reachable location.
  • Well-furnished set up, Drinking Water, First Aid Kit, Wash rooms.
  • MInimum 300-500 sq.Ft area required.
  • Front Office for counselling students.
  • Minimum one classroom (15-20 students seating) with writing board.
  • Projector & Display Screen (optional)
  • One Computer, Printer, Speaker.
  • Scanner

Facilities required for  conducting Computer / Accounting Courses:-

  • Computer Lab (Minimum 5 computer of latest configuration and Internet connectivity). Air-conditioned Labs will be good.
  • UPS / Power Back up System.  

Team required at Franchisee

 An energetic and enthusiastic team is required at the Franchisee Centre. They should be self-motivated and should have passion to reach to potential students, understand their requirements, motivating them to join GST Centre, deliver quality training, conduct exam and certification and providing them placement assistance.

The following personnel are required in a Franchisee Centre.

a.   Training Centre Manager.
b.   Trainers / Faculties.
c.   Marketing & Placement Staff.
d.   Counseling Staff.

GST Centre

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